Here at Krav Maga Tactical, we split students into six levels according to experience.  If you have Krav Maga training at another facility you’ll be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Click below to learn more about our Levels:

Krav Maga is a form of self-defense and physical training developed by the Israeli Army in the 1940’s.  It is based on the use of reflexive responses to threatening situations.  Krav Maga is taught to law enforcement and elite military units because it is highly effective in the real world.

Krav Maga Tactical specializes in situational awareness tactics and techniques proven effective as a combat system for self-defense and personal protections.    We give you the tools to empower you to protect yourself and your family with our reality-based self-defense and fitness system.   Everyone can benefit from the confidence, strength, and knowledge that our training brings.

Equipment Requirement: Groin Protection, Mouthguard

Fence/Fight Stance
Palm Strike/ Straight Punch
Eye Rake
Advancing/Retreating Straight Punch
Hammerfist (Forward, Down, Side)
Line Up Slap
Elbows (1-3)
Front Kick to Groin
Front Kick to vertical Target
In Knee / Up Knee
High Cover
Inside Defense (High/Low)
360 Defense
Frame One
Choke Defence – Front and Rear rotational
Choke Defense – One hand Pluck
Side Headlock Defense (early/late)
Wrist Escapes / Hand Fighting
Control Position
Fall Break (Front / Back / Side)
Krav get up
Ground Fighting Stance
Ground Movement
Ground Kick (Front / Side / Round)
Kick off from Guard

Mastery of Previous Techniques Required

Equipment Requirement: Shin Guards, 14-16oz Boxing Gloves

Hook Punch
Uppercut Punch
Line up Punch
Eye Gouge
Elbows (4-7)
Round Kick
Oblique Kick
Combat Roll
Bar Arm
Rear Naked Choke
Read Headlock Defense
360 defense with counter
Inside defense with counter
Groin Kick defense
Side Choke Defense (rotational/pluck)
Wall Choke Defense (front/rear)
Bear Hug Defense (Front/Rear/Side/Carry)
Arm Drag / Clinch
Control Positions (Underhook/Overhook)
Trap & Roll under Mount
Elbow Escape under Mount
Ground Choke (Mount/Side)
Scissor Sweep – Guard
Escape from Rear Mount

Mastery of Previous Techniques Required

Equipment Requirement: Headgear

Side Kick
Advancing side kick
Back Kick
Active Headbutt
Weak side combatives
Weak side defenses
High Cover with counter attack
Punching with movement
Uppercut defense
Advance Break Falls
Thai Clinch Control Position
Head Clear
Rip & Duck
Front Headlock Defense (Early/Late)
Guillotine Choke
Eye Gouge
Thai Clinch Escape
Front bearhug Escape (Neck Crank)
Rear lifting bearhug
Full Nelson Escale (Late/Early)
Arm Triangle (Standing/Ground)
Punch protection from guard
Escape from side control

Mastery of Previous Techniques Required


Advanced sparring
Arm drag to rear naked choke
Advanced ground defenses
Eye gouge escape from mount/guard
Bear hug escapes with eye gouge from front/side/rear/lifted
Thai clinch with eye gouge
Punch protection from mount
Firearm orientation and manipulation
Blunt object defense (front/side/rear)
Knife defense from
 – front
 – to neck (both sides)
 – to neck from behind
 – to hostage neck
Gun defense from
 – front with elbow
 – behind
 – front side (behind/front positioning)

Mastery of Previous Techniques Required

Advanced Sparring
Gun defense from behind (elbow back attack)
Active shooter take down – Handgun
Active shooter take down – long gun
Knife/Gun deflect and destroy
Slashing knife attack – 360 with counter
Ice pick attack – 360 with counter
Underhand knife attack – 360 with counter
Straight stabbing – 360 with counter
Grab & stab defense (bladed)
Defending gun draw
Defending knife draw
Long gun defense (front/rear)
Gun/knife attack with movement (space control)
Firearm orientation & manipulation (retention/draw from standing/ground)

Earning a black belt is no easy task. This is a proving ground where you demonstrate mastery over krav techniques with discipline during simulated real-world situations. You will demonstrate how you have adapted Krav Maga to your skillset, and how you may use it in the real world.

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